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Empowering Growth, Fostering Success: Join Adic Group as a Channel Partner for a Thriving Partnership Journey.

ADC, a leader in FMCG Industry, thrives on a robust network of Channel Partners, Super Stock lists, and Distributors. Our Channel Partners play a pivotal role in extending our market reach, leveraging their local expertise to drive sales and brand awareness. Super Stock lists form a crucial link in our supply chain, managing substantial product volumes efficiently.

Distributors, the backbone of our distribution network, ensure the seamless flow of products to retailers. Through collaborative partnerships, we empower these key players, fostering a symbiotic relationship that contributes to ADC’s sustained growth and market dominance in the Industry.

Single Point Supply: Streamlined supply to the assigned territories or markets.

Lucrative Margins: Enjoy a flat 7% to 10% margin on every billing.

Reward Incentives: Receive an additional 1% to 3% reward on every billing through FOC based on billing slab.

Strategic Market Schemes: Avail sufficient market schemes for fast liquidation.

Investment Rotation Guarantee: Assured minimum two times investment rotation.

Market Assurance: Undertake 100% liquidation responsibility with a minimum sale guarantee as per assigned market potential.

Comprehensive Marketing Support: Benefit from digital/online marketing support for brand and product awareness. Receive offline marketing materials to boost sales revenue, ensuring incremental growth MOM & YOY.

Operational Support: Access complete manpower and sales team support. Monthly and yearly ROI assurance.

Quality Assurance: Guarantee for damaged and unliquidated product returns, if any.

Efficient Accounts Settlement: Ensure on-time 100% accounts settlement before every dispatch.

Dynamic Product Portfolio: Experience timely product introductions and add-ons, focusing on fast-moving and essential items

Diversified Offerings: Explore multiple segments and products under one company.

Market Penetration: Ensure strong sub-channel development and robust retailer penetration.

Investment Requirements: Below are the investment required to Become our channel Partner

  • A) CFA: 10.0L to 15.0L,
  • B) SS: 2.0L to 5.0L,
  • C) DB: 0.5L to 2.0L based on market size.

Infrastructure Needed: Provide Go-down and transport facilities.

Stock Maintenance: Maintain a 10-day stock level based on
Demand Rate of Return (DRR).

Experience Requirement: Possess prior experience in FMCG

Exclusive Incentives: Internal teams (Company Own team) are
eligible for exclusive benefits under internal incentive schemes

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